Nikon "Pro" D2X vs D300

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Re: Nikon "Pro" D2X vs D300

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Well, I would still suggest getting your cameras down to a pair of D7200 cameras.

I wouldn't be so quick to suggest to upgrade a body without knowing what kind of photography OP is doing.

OP wrote that they were open to hearing other ideas.

Not saying your idea is wrong, just said that I wouldn't be so quick to suggest a body upgrade without knowing much of what OP does. It could be that, getting to know more, an upgrade could prove to be a great idea.

I, for example, pretty much prefer the D2x to the D7100 between ISO 100 and 400. I like its colors better than I like the newer sensor's DR.

If OOC JPEGs is what you are after, and that suits you, then go for it. One problem here though is that with that approach and so many cameras being used in a single session, you end up with different colors for shots from the same session with the same lighting.

Once again, it depends on the work you're doing. I don't necessarily see this as a problem, depending on the job.

As per the OOC JPEGs, that's not what I do, I only shoot RAW. Yet, for some reason I cannot explain, when I open a NEF coming from the D2x, the color is like 90% where I want it to be.

Right, for some reason that you cannot explain you prefer one "sensor's DR" over the other. You also attribute another quality to the camera's sensors below. It's not the sensor, that's what I'm saying.

The NEFs from the D7100 are a different story, I have to put a lot of effort to get those greens and pinks right, and even then they are not as subtle as they appear on a D2x shot. Even if I open a D7100 NEF and apply the D2x profile on PL4, the result is quite different. It could be my fault, perhaps I should be a better photographic editor, but why would I want to do it when I have a camera that already gets the color right *for my tastes* in the first place?

And there's also something in the microcontrast of the D2x sensor that I can't quite reproduce on the D7100.

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