D700 is amazing!!! Like it better than my Sony A7iii

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Re: D700 is amazing!!! Like it better than my Sony A7iii

Andreascy wrote:

I am active moderator in the one of the groups of d700 in facebook)

i was curious to see from a user have a newer camera vs the older and how he feels between those 2 and if he satisfy him enough to prefer the d700 in some occasions

I have a D700 and the closest to it still fairly modern camera that I also have is D810.

Your question is a fairly loaded question, so I can give you a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is that D700 is plenty good enough even today.

The long answer -- it depends. IMO D700 has one critical liability and two conditional ones, depending on what you want to do. The critical liability is that if it breaks it's gone. For that reason I wouldn't buy a used D700 today. It is also not clear how long the batteries would last and whether replacement batteries will still be available some years from now.

Conditional liabilities are resolution and DR. I'm not gonna go into the whole high ISO thing because for that you have to look at the different class of cameras, the ones which sell new at $6000 level.

Newer sensors give you more latitude in difficult lighting conditions, i.e. bright light and shade, and more ability to crop or print very large if you're so inclined. I suspect for the majority of people cropping is the bigger benefit. Whether this makes a difference for a particular user or application is up to that user. So, it boils down entirely to advances in the sensor technology.

As far the D700 body itself, I don't see much if anything to complain about. The shutter is loud which may put off some if you shoot indoors in a quiet venue, but I would call this mostly nit-picking. I've heard a lot about advances in AF, but in my day I shot a lot of sports with the D700 and was plenty satisfied with its AF, as well as the frame rate when using vertical grip. D700 build quality is certainly as good as anything that came after it in the same camera class, i.e. all D8XX.

Video, -- I don't even remember if it has one, I don't care.

A lot has been said about special D700 colors. I'm a raw shooter only, I don't even generate in-camera jpegs. For a long time I was processing my Nikon files with NX, NX2, NX-D, When I was doing that I was mostly in agreement with those who argued that old cameras produced better color. At some point I switched to raw processing using Capture One, and I'm less sure now. At this time I'm more inclined to agree with those who argue that most of it is in post-processing. I'm not saying all of it, but probably most of it.

So, do I think D700 is better than e.g. D810. No, I don't think so. Do I think D700 is an excellent camera even today, -- I do, if 12MP is enough. I still use D700 quite often when I don't care much about resolution and don't anticipate having to crop a lot. For non-specialized general purpose photography D700 is still a great tool and a pleasure to use.

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