Possible to adapt M42 for Olympus OM-1 (film)?

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Re: Possible to adapt M42 for Olympus OM-1 (film)?

Albert Silver wrote:

I am looking into a variety of affordable film SLRs, and the Olympus came under my radar but I cannot seem to ascertain if one can adapt lenses from other mounts to it.

Right now my alternate is something like the Canon AE-1 (I did find adapters), though I am open to suggestions.

To be able to adapt a lens from a different mount on a camera (without the adapter having optical elements) , the flange distance of the mount of the lens should be bigger than the flange distance of the mount of the camera.

The difference in flange distance between M42 (45.46mm) and OM (46mm) is very minimal but M42 is smaller. So adapting it will require optical elements. I don't know if there will be adapters available for that. A fast search didn't give any results.

For this same reason you couldn't use Canon FD mount lenses on EF mount camera. FD has a flange distance of 42mm, EF 44mm

The Canon AE-1 has an FD mount so the M42 flange distance is 3.46mm bigger. Adapting should be possible but you need to make sure the adapter enables you to focus to infinity. Not all adapters I found can, according to the specs.

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