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Re: How Olympus and I drifted apart.

Shadowsurfer wrote:

Back in 2014 I picked up the then revolutionary EM5, it seemed like the future. The alternative was the heavy DSLR. Sony had not yet entered the fray with the A7

I also bought the small Panasonic 2.8 zooms. Great lenses but needed to be processed with DXO to remove the heavy purple green fringing. A drag but it worked. I also got the little Olympus 9-18, which I loved for its saturated colour.

I strongly feel Panasonic has understood far better than Olympus, that a small camera system need small compact lenses. The Panasonic 2,8 zooms are just that.

I was doing a lot of hiking and it was a great alternative to my old D300 setup.

But then I got taken in by the hype of the "pro" lenses. I stupidly replaced the 9-18 with the 7-14 2.8. I found it to be a optically great lens, but a heavy beast. It got left at home when I went hiking. I suppose this was the start of my falling out of love with M43.

I never even considered replacing my Panasonic 2.8 zooms with the Olympus equivalents, and learned to live with the fringing, that DXO eliminates completely, but other software does not.

My bruised and battered EM5 was stating to get worn out and I started doing some comparisons. I wanted a one lens solution for hiking.

The choice was whittled down to a Nikon Z + 24-200 and an EM1 with 12-100. Unfortunately for Olympus my 2 choices weigh about the same.

The Nikon F4 zooms like the 14-30 and the 24-70 are no heavier than the Olympus "Pro" lenses.

The siren call of FF finally drew me onto the Nikon rocks.

same ,  just bought a 24 2.8 prime 90 grams


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