Shooting high ISO vs underexposing and lifting in post question

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Re: High ISO comparison - what do these examples show?

spider-mario wrote:

Whence comes the assumption that “holes” are a problem? If the signal is sufficiently dithered before scaling, it should also be true after scaling. The noise and quantization step are scaled by the same factor, so the former is still larger than the latter. I also don’t see a problem when hovering over the second image in this page (which truncates it by 3 bits, see histogram). What am I missing?

"If the signal is sufficiently dithered ..." Look at that. This is what is called a precondition. Now imagine we are pushing things up 4 stops or why not 5 stops, pulling tonal values and also noise values apart. How much noise is needed in the signal for your precondition to still hold?

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