Shooting high ISO vs underexposing and lifting in post question

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JimKasson wrote:

Slaginfected wrote:

Look at the posterization problem from pushing things around (too much) and people telling me there is none. "ISO-invariant! All the same!". Ok, then well, D810 ISO64 vs. ISO12800 maybe? Because it always helps to put things to the extreme and see if the hypothesis still holds.

Straw man argument. No one is claiming that ISO invariance holds over that range. The model is this: noise comes from pre-PGA sources in the camera, PGA and post-PGA sources in the camera, and shot noise (I'm leaving out some sources). A camera is ISOless when the PGA and post-PGA sources are negligible wrt the others.

But that is the often stated conclusion out of ISOless sensors, which I just put into a more extreme example where it is obvious that it cannot really work. Which in return means as soon as you start pushing things up you will degrade image quality and with 14 bits the limits are tighter than the analog range of most sensors, even if the sensor is ISOless (or close to that).

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