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So I find myself in a bit of a pickle. I’ve been disappointed by Fuji’s progress on AF for awhile and I had decided I was going to wait one more generation to see if they made significant progress or not. If they did I’d buy into that generation and if not I’d look around and decide on a new system.

Unfortunately most of my camera gear was stolen this past Sunday. All I have left is a third party flash, the original Fuji 18mm, and the original viltrox 85mm. So now I need to decide if I’m going to rebuy into Fuji or switch systems now.

Im really having a tough time with this. To get equivalent performance I’d pretty much be ended up with the same size kit wether I buy FF, APSC, or m4/3.

Sony has a much better APSC lens lineup thanks to third parties than it did when I bought into Fuji originally.

I like a lot about m4/3s (used to shoot it for quite a while) but they are stuck in the past regarding AF themselves (although Panasonic’s object tracking within the frame is at least ok).

What would you do if you were starting from scratch today? Buy the best Fuji body knowing the AF might bother you for years (if I buy an x-t4 now it’ll be hard to justify buying a new generation body in a year) or invest in a new system?

Other than AF I’ve been fairly happy with Fuji as a system overall…

I have shoot with some Sony’s and really like the AF, in fact even the RX100M7 seems more modern and effective than Fuji’s. I haven’t tried out a Nikon but I hear good things and like some of their new primes. And of course cannon is always the elephant in the room.

So the insurance company will make a pay-out for the depreciated value of the equipment or they will reimburse me for re-purchasing the exact same gear (where possible).

So I'm thinking I'll re-buy the gear... Although I'm going to see if they'll do x-t3 + 16-80 bundle rather than a x-t30 (closest match to my x-t20) since I can't find a bundle with the x-t30 and the x-t3 bundle is cheaper than the other two separately.

Still not sure confident that's what I'll do, but I'm guessing the depreciated value wont be a great deal.

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