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Re: Joachim - on the muskrat

zackiedawg wrote:

Joachim Wulfers wrote:

To my knowledge muskrats and nutria both live in burrows and are therefore considered harmful to dams and other water control structures. I have never seen a muskrat or nutria live in a beaver lodge type "home". Maybe what you saw was a beaver lodge.

I'm being overly generous with the comparison to beaver lodges - the muskrat dens are significantly smaller and look like piles of reeds or grasses that got stuck in a current and piled up against a small tree trunk - maybe 15-20 inches long and 6-8 inches high.

Ours is a very specific species, called the round-tailed muskrat, endemic to the southeastern US. It's native to swamps and wetlands, and lives most of its life in water and mud. They like to build their little dome dens on shallow patches of land or even raised beds of foliage just above the water, then cover it with grasses and reeds, so they end up looking like little reed pup tents - ours don't burrow, and are a little smaller than the 'common muskrat' that you may be more familiar with.

We unfortunately don't get beaver down here - there is a Florida beaver only in the northern part of the state and panhandle. I was fascinated with them when visiting in Maine and seeing how huge some of the beaver lodges could be.

Thanks, I learned something new. Here Muskrats and Nutria live in burrows and can create quite a mess. I guess that is why Louisiana has the Nutria control program in place for quite a few years.


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