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Re: Nikon Z fc Lens Selection

There are only two Nikon Z lenses designed for the APS-C sensor, with a third one being planned. As others have pointed out, you can use ANY Nikon Z lens on the Zfc without needing an adapter because the lens mount itself is identical. They all will work.

However, if you want small and light, the lack of APS-C designed lenses could be a problem for you because you are essentially buying more lens than your camera needs. This means it will generally be larger, heavier and more expensive than similar lenses designed for APS-C.

Also, please remember there is a 1.5X crop factor involved when you use full frame lenses. So a wide angle lens becomes a normal lens, and a normal lens becomes a short telephoto lens.

For some applications, this could be a good thing when you want more reach, but it also means you might have to wait a while before you can have an moderately priced wide angle lens. You would need an 8mm full frame prime lens to get the same effect as a 12mm APS-C lens. The widest Z prime lens is 20mm ($1050 and 505 grams) which would act like a 30mm lens on a Zfc. Meanwhile, Fuji has an 18mm f/2.0 lens ($600 and 116grams) that would act like a 24mm lens on a Fuji X camera.

Having said that, I agree that the Zfc is a very competent and beautifully designed camera. And if you don't mind using full frame lenses it would be a good choice. I think the Zfc makes the most sense as a second camera paired with a Z5 or Z6. Then it becomes an ideal carry camera for travel and casual use, and can share the same lenses.

I really think Nikon will only have a handful of APS-C lenses for the Z50 and Zfc, because "you can always use full frame lenses." This is exactly what they did with their DSLRs (FX and DX) and what Canon did with their EF and EF-S DSLRs.

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