Zfc delayed again, are you tired of keep waiting for (almost) every Nikon product recently

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Re: Zfc delayed again, are you tired of keep waiting for (almost) every Nikon product recently

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Everyone is having problems. It’s not just Nikon.

Covid is here since ~18 month, its nothing new. If you cant make enough dont announce a new product. Nikon apologizing for every new product is ridiculous. I have not seen Tamron or Sigma apologize for not keeping up with demand.

Sure, stay totally silent. Do nothing. Say nothing. Announce nothing. I can just imagine the rampant internet chatter that Nikon is going out of business if they did that.

Nikon did just that in the past. They didnt release any lenses for 9 month.

Yes, and rumour sites were full with speculation about how Nikon was asleep at the wheel and some more eccentric characters rambled about how they would soon go out of business if this continued. Now they announce stuff and ship most of it, and people are still complaining.

You mean they announce, but dont ship it, because of "overwhelming demand". And Nikon (the camera division) will go out of business when they continue to do what they did in the past. They are constantly losing market share because they refuse to share protocols with 3rd party manufacturers, like Sony did. Sony is constantly gaining market share, and will be no.1 one day.

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