Going on vacation with my RX100M7

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Re: Going on vacation with my RX100M7

rodeknyt wrote:

oRBIT2002 wrote:

I'm also shooting in 4K video, 30fps, 60megabit. That looks awesome (but I miss a feature to take a photo at the same time, haven't found it anyway).

As far as I know, if you use the red video button on the back of the camera to start/stop video shooting, you can press the shutter button on top to grab a still shot during video shooting.

I've done that when shooting video. I know I was shooting 1080 resolution, so that may not work when set to 4K.

I've never got this working no matter which resolution/framerate I pick. Pressing the shutter-button just shows a camera-symbol with a stopsign in the topleft corner sort of..

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