Can Lens Sharpness Issues be the Body

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Can Lens Sharpness Issues be the Body

A few weeks ago I realized I was getting bored with just shooting long and decided I would look into getting a superwide zoom. I wanted something light that I could toss on a spare A7II body and wasn't ready to drop a lot of money on a very expensive 12-24GM or even $1700 on a 12-24 G.

I sometimes pick up equipment in the Fred Miranda Buy and Sell forum and found a seller with a good reputation who had a LNIB well centered and sharp 12-24 G for a good price. He was moving to a 16-35GM.

I decided to risk it and bought the lens. When it arrived I took it out for tests. We have multi story stucco walls near my office which are great for testing sharpness. After a run of tests I found that the lens was very sharp across the field from 12-20 - but that the corners started to soften from 20-24 but the upper right corner was smeared mush by 24 and didnt clean up well when stopping down...

I made myself feel better about it because I bought the lens for the wide side anyway and had a pretty good 24mm on my 24-105 and I had a 24 GM coming.

The prior week I opened an Amazon Business Account and was offered a $200 bonus for getting the Amazon Amx to go with it. The 24 GM was on sale so I took the plunge.

When the 24 GM arrived it noticed that the lens was delivered in a paper bag (rather than a Box - which I thought odd. I opened the lens box and then the black lens case and found only a lens hood in its plastic wrap (no lens). I called amazon business support got the box sent back to them and had them ship a replacement.

So yesterday I receive the replacement - this time properly boxed with an actual lens and I start testing the lens out on the same shots I did with the 12-24. As expected it was really sharp EXCEPT for a smeared upper corner... Hmmmmm,. I

So I decide to grab the Sony A7II and reshoot - and the GM lens is sharp corner to corner.

I wonder what's going on here.

The week before when I was getting setup for a marsh shoot my A7R4 and 100-400 popped out of the quick release strap and dropped about 2-3 feet to the crushed stone in the parking lot. The lens had a rubber hood which absorbed some of the shock - but I bent and cracked the front filter. The camera landed on its heel which was well protected with an RRS base. There were no visible marks on camera or lens and it seemed to be working fine and I forgot about it.

So - could that drop cause the A7R4 to have a smeared corner?? - Pro Support thinks it might - so now its off to them for testing.

Anyone else have something like this happen and how did it get corrected?

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