"Is Olympus throwing away its biggest advantage?" - article

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Re: "Is Olympus throwing away its biggest advantage?" - article

The new company, I suspect, will do enough market research to try to sell products that make a profit.  Whether they introduce more pro-like smaller cameras & lenses, maintain some of current offerings, or do something entirely different will be based on their research, not the scattered opinions of members of this forum.

That said, the only reason I bought into m4/3 had everything to do with a boost in megapixels from 12mp in my E5 to 20mp in my em1.2, the fact that the em1.2 had a FAS, and with an adapter, worked with my older 4/3 lenses.  Smaller was a nice benefit, but I always shoot with the grip.  I only bought one m4/3 lens initially, the PL 12-60 and am pleased that for my purposes, is just as good as my Oly 12-60 swd.  So for my basic kit, I did go smaller & lighter.  But I still shoot a lot with my 50-250 swd and my 35-100 f2.  I added a Sigma 30m f1.4 because I do shoot lots of portraits at around 30mm focal length.  I tried the 25mm f1.2 and 45mm f1.2--marvelous lenses that I think are small and light, despite what many on this forum believe--but the price differential between them and the Sigma was significant and the latter fit my needs better.  It's great for portraits--sharp enough with good contrast, and I don't use it for anything else.

And until my em1.2 fails beyond repair, I'm not in the market for another body or lens.  And at that time, assuming I'm still alive and still shooting, then I probably will want a similarly-sized camera.  Of course, if there is some significant boost in mp  (greater than 24, for sure), then I might become quite interested.  If & when my 50-200 fails beyond feasible repair, then the PL 50-200 might be under consideration, along with a TC of some sort.  So, at this point in life, a smaller form factor would not drive me to buy, unless, such future smaller body replaced the current em1 line and included more up-to-date tech and significantly greater mp.

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