Shooting high ISO vs underexposing and lifting in post question

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Re: Shooting high ISO vs underexposing and lifting in post question

J A C S wrote:

Well, it does not prove that. The A7s3 image has darker shadows and hides the noise better. Both at 12mp, they look quite similar.

Most importantly, this is one scene, one pair of cameras, one ISO, one take on what "more processing latitude" means. It proves nothing.

I mean I don't see a difference at ISO100 between a 5D3 and a D750, yet if you start underexposing and pushing things up the well known problems with the 5D3 will become visible. This doesn't make the 5D3 unusable as a camera (which is an opinion), but the D750 just has more processing latitude, obviously.

We apply the very same process at higher ISOs with A7s3 and A9, for example, and see that the A7s3 is holding things better together, which means the A7s3 has more processing latitude.

Now you are saying that applying the same process at ISO10k which you do for ISO100 is somehow not valid and the differences you see there "prove nothing". Maybe you could elaborate on that? Magic handwaving won't do, though.

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