Faulty Gyroscope on Olympus E-M1 MK II

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Re: Faulty Gyroscope on Olympus E-M1 MK II

GabMilitao wrote:

Hello, everyone.

I bought an used E-M1 MK II, which is my dream camera, and since day one, I have noticed that the pictures I take in portrait orientation doesn't rotate as I flip the camera horizontally. Even with the auto rotate option toggled ON. The same applies to file transfer, I came back with 700 hundred pictures from a shoot, and boy I had to manually rotate several of them in Lightroom. So much time lost with this task. Also, I noticed that the level of the camera is not being registered properly, which lead me to conclude I have a faulty Gyroscope in my unit.

I am Brazilian, which means No Olympus dealers or service care centers at all. I am on my own with this.

Does any of you know how to solve this? Is it a wire or flat cable? A microchip? Some software issue?? Any answer is welcome. Thanks.

On the E-M1.2 I just bought (new), the anti-shock shutter mode was not available in the Super Control Panel although the feature was turned on in the menu system. Just turning it off and then on again fixed the problem. So if you haven’t tried it already, try turning the auto rotate option off and then on again. No guarantees that this will help but it costs nothing to try.🤓

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