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Re: Walking again

Pi lover wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

I did have a good night, Grant. And, this morning I went to one of my first cousins' funeral. Colon cancer claimed her within two weeks. Well, she had adult kids and they gave her grandkids. Scientists will cure cancer, but, they are not gonna help those who don't have afflictions, except the final one. You know your math, myFriend. We will be in deep, dark matter, once we keep adding to that bank account. We will run out of space/time. There will be no such thing as "got a moment?" No excuse for not washing dishes before the partner returns from WhoallyMare.

In the end we have memories and children. Some of the memories are wanted some not. Like the time someone was getting married and "the guys" went over to an uncles house while "the girls" got together. The multimillionaire uncle had the other uncles on their hands and knees admiring handiwork in the kitchen he just had remodeled. I walked over to my father-in-law and said "Woof". He shushed me sooo fast.

Then there's the time my father-in-law passed my sons and I tickets to a baseball game. First game of the year in April. Stands were just about empty and it was just above freezing. A reported asked me what I thought of the game. "It's great entertainment value." I got quoted in the local paper. It's the last year we got baseball tickets !!! It has become a line my kids use from time to time and they laugh every time they use it.

At least you have a new story from your trip.

I have a great duck song. I'll post when you return.

A great duck song would be a good addition ;-).

Best wishes.


Really hot today already.

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