Shooting high ISO vs underexposing and lifting in post question

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Re: Reality

Iliah Borg wrote:

Slaginfected wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Slaginfected wrote:

Don't ever tell anyone how their reality is supposed to look like.

Isn't reality an objective quality, physical existence?

You mean ...

I ask what do _you_ mean by saying "their reality".

Look at the posterization problem from pushing things around (too much) and people telling me there is none. "ISO-invariant! All the same!". Ok, then well, D810 ISO64 vs. ISO12800 maybe? Because it always helps to put things to the extreme and see if the hypothesis still holds. We all know it doesn't. Which normally means: Back to the drawing board and lets figure out what the problems are. Normally.

Look at obvious processing differences of cameras at higher ISOs due to their pixel size and people telling me "wrong, PDR values are the same / very close, is all the same!" and then I see A7s3 compared with the A9 and so obvious differences that should feel like a big smack. Yet I'm faced with ignorance or at best Monkey Island Stan like handwaving to divert from the problem instead of an actual explanation.

Smaller color drifts and deviations being ignored in general and so on ...

Over the years I was always curious where these artifacts came from, and there was no help really. There are a lot of people out there who do see these artifacts I do, who share my real world experience, and then wonder how this aligns with things like DxOmark or the PDR curves, for example. Thing is, they are right, but the PDR curves are, too. What is missing is that a lot of people here have problems with this very fact, they are inable to bring these two things together. I just don't know why, because it certainly cannot be the lack of brainpower, quite the contrary.

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