How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: The need for more is not coming from outside

Hi John,

haha Thanks!

Well, I understand I'm coming from my own narrow POV. It's good intentions, but narrow nevertheless.

There's a guy somewhere that just wanna play guittar in the bedroom, and there's a guy that nothing short of setting up a Rolling Stones cover band, with a proper show and audience, will ever satisfy.

But I can't help but think 1 thing is always true:  the more you put into it, the more it rewards you back.

Not making this a me post, let's try a landscape example, because it's something I do casually and for sheer fun, just like anyone else.

Each and every time I tried landscapes, it was just because I was there already, with my gear in the car.

Driving home, on the road visiting somewhere for a future shoot, etc.

And my Nikon was in the car anyway, so why not.

Even if I got an okay shot (none of my landscapes are any decent at all lol), it was just random chance, I was just there, passing by.

Like this one with amazing light:

and many others nothing special at all:

Totally unremarkable...

I was just passing by... no effort. Light far from perfect, in a rush, out of the midset, etc.

Adams would shake his head

And I do love landscapes! I wish I tried it harder.

The one time I set up myself to do something better, wake up 4 a.m., bring tripod, go to a far location (3h drive from home), I got this shot:

Terrible anyway Lol

Terrible because planning was bad, I didn't know where the sun would rise, so the valley wasn't nicely lit.

But how serious I went for this shot makes me smile every time.

I slept in a small road side hotel, woke up 4 am., waited for the sun to rise, the whole deal.

LOVED the experience, wish I wasn't so lazy and did it more often.

The point I'm bringing is that when you put the extra effort, the whole thing gains more weight in your satisfaction and memories.

A bunch of times people say photography should be light, casual fun.

It gets a thousand times more fun if you treat it harder.

As said earlier, the harder invested, the bigger the reward.

Best regards,

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