Is my thinking about equivalence right?

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Re: Is my thinking about equivalence right?

rogerstpierre wrote:

I am not disagreeing, but the discussion was about the need to enlarge an image more if captured with a smaller sensor, and I am saying you can't talk enlargment in a digital world without talking resolution. How is an image taken with a sensor 1/2 the physical size compare to one taken with the other at 1/2 the resolution?

Resolution does not matter here, it is not a measure of size but a sampling rate. Enlargement is the difference of projected image (that is what the sensor captures) and the viewing size. Again, resolution is irrelevant, if you view the same image on a 24" screen the enlargement is the same with the original photo and one downsampled by a factor of 4. Or if you have a FF sensor sized screen, then a FF image has 1x enlargement and MFT image about 2x (when both are shown at maximum size without cropping), no matter whether there is 1Mpix, 100Mpix, or anything in between.

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