Matt Irwin on Zfc and 28 2.8

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Re: Matt Irwin on a useless unboxing video Zfc and 28 2.8

FurmanPhotography wrote:

He’s gotten way to gushy about Nikon to the point where he seems more like the antidote to Jared Polin.

His older videos were pretty great though. I hope he returns to form, seems like a genuine dude.

He still does the occassional video on photographic techniques, influence of light, interesting locations in Melbourne, life as a professional photographer, and so on. Also I think he expresses a healthy and positive attitude towards photographers.

But I also think there's too much gear talk. On the other hand, it provides him more clicks and thus more money since there's quite a lot of advertisement on his videos. I mean, there is a pattern, and you can confirm yourself that I am not just being overly selective here:

"Nikon Z fc hands" 9.1K views

"Nikon Z 85mm vs 105mm vs 70-200..." 7.6K views

"Nikon Hardware Announcements Next Week" 20k views

"Nikon Z9 - New Specs Real? | Canon R3 ..." 26K views

And then:

"Marketing your photography | Getting discovered" 1.4K views

"Nikon Z, InDesign - Making printed works" 1.9K views

"Streetscape & City Scape Photography Made Easier" 2.1K views

"Royalties  - Me & Peter McKinnon - How much can photographers make?" 3.7K views

"Better Photography Thinking | Improving your photography with empathy & humanity" 1.8K views

So it's also understandable that he's doing a lot more gear-related videos when he receives 5 to 10 times the number of clicks.

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