I hope Pentax goes for mirrorless

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Re: I hope Pentax goes for mirrorless

Heritage Cameras wrote:

I can't see Pentax back-tracking on the policy of DSLRs-only any time soon. Ricoh, on the other hand, could have a mirrorless system without any conflict...

How about a version of the APS-C GR III with interchangeable lenses using the Leica M mount, an enhanced version of the GXR's manual lens handling options, plus an optional EVF? The company could re-release the Pentax/Ricoh lenses previously made in LTM and M-mount, plus a few others (such as the GR III's 18.3mm f/2.8) with minimal development cost. Add an extra manual adapter for Pentax K lenses to M-mount and you're good to go for Pentax users who want mirrorless. If AF is considered essential the company could join the L-mount consortium instead, and full frame is also an option.

Place your pre-orders for the Ricoh GR-M here, and send royalty payments to the usual address, please.

TBH, I’m not sure there is much chance of _any_ camera brand at all messing with mounts for the time being (I realize you are talking of the M mount, not a completely new one). The camera market is already saturated with mounts and cameras of all kinds and every company is under gigantic pressure to navigate safe passage through the pandemic without going bust. The next few years could well be ones of consolidation and recuperation, though that’s just an opinion of course. If the clock runs out on K-mount’s viability in the market then I’d guess Ricoh’s final gift would be a very good Pentax-branded adapter for, say, L-mount so that those with legacy lens collections can continue to get the best from them.

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