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Re: Is it Pentax mistake?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

JeremieB wrote:

Don't know if that was shared already, but reading their marketing material closely is interesting:

If you put the pieces in right order, this "outstanding" image tracking performance provides in fact just "more accurate tracking" "than previous models" for subjects with "slight movement".

So yes, if I read this chapter fast I will think it will get me 99% keepers for swallows in flight, because there's "outstanding" twice and "tightly" too.

If I read more carefully, it's just a bit better than before, for a bicycle not moving too fast.

In reality, I think it's somewhere in between.

Note: I'm not defending this kind of marketing communication ! I don't like it. But sadly I think it's 99% of makers that do that, would it be for cameras, cars, houses ...

This one is interesting.

What does it mean? Kobie MC made a good post

where he described his findings. He there said that subject recognition only works for AF-S. And AF-S is not for BIF.

FWIW, I was talking to a friend the other day who does birding.  He has a D500 & 200-500 lens, and takes about 40-45K birding shots a year.  He says for BIFs (particularly small birds) he does not use AFC and tracking.  It is too hard to keep the bird in the viewfinder with the long lens.  He uses AFS with centre spot AF.  This gives him the fastest AF lock-on.  It takes some timing and a few shots/attempts but he ends up getting the results he wants.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.


He did not comment on subject tracking. And ... I am not sure I have seen any tests on that. Anyone knows how well it do subject tracking (in X-Y I assume).

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