Is my thinking about equivalence right?

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Re: This month’s very own equivalence thread

Confusedabit wrote:

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I found it so much more of an issue when using a Pentax Q with its tiny odd-sized sensor.

As a Pentax Q owner, I must take issue with that. First, the Q's sensor is not 'odd-sized'. There are many more cameras in the world with 1/2.3" sensors than there are with 4/3" sensors. And us Q owners are just fed up with 4/3 owners telling us that our sensors are 'tiny' and no good for photography. You forgot to mention all the advantages of the Q system:

  • Much more depth of field than the clunky old m4/3 system.
  • Much smaller lenses with no meaningful drop in image quality.
  • Smaller cameras.
  • Ability to adapt all kinds of legacy lenses, including many that won't go on mFT.
  • Not based on a legacy film size.

If it wasn't for all the naysayers, Q would be the dominant camera system in the world.

us 1 inch sensor uses just smile smugly to ourselves knowing what the others don't.....

I would say arrogantly. Most small sensor users have since fled the site when the 1" boys started to swagger around with their half pint sensor in a small pond but the normal compact is still out there and being used.

The idea that everyone has one of these wonder 1" cameras which replace the need for any other camera just does not stand up to the $241 average shipping price for fixed on CIPA.

Always a problem trying to unravel Sony spin from reality wherever you go now with their tight grip on the sensor market.

it was tongue in cheek 

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the computer says no

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