Tripod thread broke off inside socket!

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Re: Tripod thread broke off inside socket!

Kirnbichler wrote:

"Milling" would be the correct translation of "frezen" (or german "fräsen"), but what a Dremel does isn't milling, it's grinding (in dutch that'd be "slijpen" or german "schleifen").

Main problem here is the rather diminuitive size of the tripod thread, this non-metric "1/4 UNC" thread has a core hole diameter of just a wee bit more than 5 mm. To grind a slot inside such small hole with a rotationary grinder like a dremel without ruining the socket's thread isn't that easy.

That is very true. I'm a dentist, and I have far more control using my high-speed handpieces. The smallest bur (drill bit) in my arsenal is a 1/4 round carbide which is about 0.5mm wide. Once I make a pilot hole and small slot, I can use larger burs. I am not worried about the bur skipping across the uneven surface of the broken stud. The bur is so small and spins at 40000 rpm so if I've got the head of handpiece supported with both hands, it will bite into the stud. I would install the tripod socket back in the camera because it is much easier for me to hold the camera still. I can always ask for another set of hands to help hold the camera, so I can use my hands on the handpiece. I would cut a channel about 1mm wide, 1mm deep, maybe 4mm wide. I don't need to go the entire width of the stud. I don't want to accidentally cut the tripod socket threads. A slot of that size should provide enough leverage to back the stud out. For the OP's sake, I hope the stud has not bottomed out inside the socket and thus maybe be seized in there. Or the glue that was used won't be too much to overcome.

I hope the OP gets back to us. I'd be thrilled if some photographer asked me to do this!

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