GPS support with m43 cameras

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Re: GPS support with m43 cameras

Dave Oddie wrote:

If I understood it correctly the Oly app creates a GPS log on the phone and then later you do it the "old fashioned" way of adding the GPS data to the photos based on time taken. Is that correct? If so do people find it reliable and workable?

I have not really considered the Panasonic cameras but if they do real time geotagging similar to my Sony RX100 it might be time to take a look so any feedback on how it works with the Panasonic cameras would be appreciated.

It's not exactly the "old fashioned" way where the GPS data is added in post. You use OI.Track app on your phone to first sync the camera and phone clocks. This is done over a WiFi connection. Once that is done, the WiFi connection is dropped and the OI.Track app starts generating a GPS log. When you're done shooting for the day, you reconnect phone and camera. OI.Track uploads the location log to the camera and the camera tags the pictures covered by the duration of the log. I find the process 100% reliable.

I don't like live tagging as it requires a Bluetooth connection to be active when a picture is taken. When the camera goes to sleep or is turned off, the connection is broken. It can be a little slow and not always reliable to reconnect when the camera is turned back on. Nikon uses Bluetooth LE and maintains the connection even when the camera is switched off. I've found Nikon's live tagging method to be reliable.

The only issue with the Olympus tagging method is some people struggle connecting the camera with WiFi. This almost always has to do with the phone already having a connection to a WiFi network. You need to have a process to connect and maintain the WiFi connection to the camera during the file transfer. This has never been a issue for me.

As I use multiple brands of cameras, I use that so called "old fashion" method. I create a GPX log on my phone or handheld GPS. The images are tagged in post. It's a process that only requires a few mouse clicks and is independent of any specific camera app. I also have a complete location log of the day, even when not talking pictures.

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