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Hustle76 wrote:

IanYorke wrote:

contadorfan wrote:

I don't want to cause no fuss,

but can I buy your Magic Brush


It sounds like an auto selection brush mask,which is a relatively big feature update in a point release of the software. Unless it's just advance marketing for the next major version release in September /October.


In an interview, a little while ago, the new CEO said that the plan now is to release new features when they are ready to ship and provide updates with new features more regularly. Going from memory, I think he said that customers will start to see this relatively soon and they should expect to see this often after that.

Although, obviously, it could be said that it’s PR speak, companies say this all the time (and I do take things with a pinch of salt) saying something so publicly and not delivering yet isn’t good optics.

With both the subscription model and the perpetual license one, in order to drive revenue, it’s more tempting for punters if there are regular and useful updates. With the current big annual upgrade, Capture One have been offering a discounted upgrade before changes are known but that relies on customers making a buying decision that’s a something of a guess - and suspect there are quite a few who will hold off and update far less regularly and when they do, wait for the next big update. The subscription model is often very successful for companies but offering value is key - more frequent updates can obviously do that.

Speaking as a Capture One user, I’ve been able to justify pre-purchasing the next version blind and at a discount for the last couple of years (I think) because I was confident that there was something that I pretty much thought was a shoo-in (e.g. support for a particular) and that I needed. This year, that’s not the case it’s not a given that I will upgrade - so will be looking with interest!

Interesting, that analysis makes a lot of sense and explains why they introduced style brushes in a point release. Good to see C1 professing, along similar lines Topaz give you one year of perpetual license updates irrespective of major version releases.

Sounds like a good policy the old big bang new version release is perhaps a little outdated.

The one update to C1 that would have me immediately handing over money is to be able to overwrite an output file:-)

Unbelievably, C1 is the only mainstream photo editing software that won't allow you to overwrite an existing file. Is there any software that won't allow this? This feature (basic necessity has been asked for "forever" on the C1 forums but the reply has been (paraphrasing) "it will be a cold day in hell before that happens"

However, we will see how "magic" the magic brush turns out to be


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