Nikon Z system for a beginner

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Re: Nikon Z system for a beginner

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BGD300V1 wrote:

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NCB wrote:

So why did they produce the Z50? And now the Zfc?

They made the Z50 as an entry to the Z system. They made very slow, very few lenses. If you want something better, you need to buy FF.

I have no idea why they made the Zfc.

Because it fills a market niche and demand is already exceeding supply.

Thats what Nikon is saying. I dont believe them. Demand always exceeds supply whenever a new Nikon product is announced, according to Nikon.

So, what is your explanation. If demand did not exceed supply why would there be a shortage?

To make it look like there is a huge demand. People tend to buy what others buy. If there are many orders, the product must be good.

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