CL2 smartphone rumor

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Re: CL2 smartphone rumor

mplkn wrote:


I've been saying this for years!

And, I've been getting laughed at for years for asserting this to my phone-carrying friends: we ought to put the phone into the camera, instead of relying on the silly camera in the phone!

Why do I want a phone in a CL? I do not get it.  When I use my CL I want to concentrate on my photography and not been interrupted by a phone call, or some stupid peeping app.

My smartphone is so small that it fits in my CL camera back or any pocket. I would never leave my phone just because I take my CL bag with me.

So I do not get the concept.  I guess some people are looking for a "EierlegendenWollmilchsau" as we say in German, a egglaying pig that has a wool fur and gives milk as well. The smartphone serves that purpose already. Why would somebody want a brick as smartphone?

The only reason to buy a CL or any other APS-C or even FF camera is that I want a real special purpose tool which does a specific task excellently and not jet another swiss pocket knife solution.

for me it more sounds like a out of time april fool's joke.

just my 2ct


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