I hope Pentax goes for mirrorless

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Re: I hope Pentax goes for mirrorless

Davidex wrote:

Despite of the current statements about no mirrorless production, I really hope Pentax changes mind and decides to make mirrorless camera.

I very like Pentax products, and Pentax image quality.

I hope Pentax is hearing.

From my point of view EVF has advantages the are undeniable.

The question about Pentax is whether they are making cameras in hope of pulling in a sizeable number of new users or are primarily aiming to sell to their existing users.

If Pentax are making cameras for their existing users, which is what they seem to have been doing for some years, then there doesn’t seem much point in going for mirrorless and possibly changing mounts. Their existing users don’t want this, or so they say. Even a mirrorless K-mount camera designed to be very similar to a DSLR would likely never sell to a number of current Pentax users. What we don’t know is how big that number is beyond the internet echo chamber.

I guess it’s just possible Pentax might do another mirrorless K-Mount at some stage but it doesn’t look as if they have the market, the money and by now probably the expertise to pull it off. Experiments tend to be for the big and wealthy. The K-01 days are long ago and gone. Overall, the camera market these days looks set on protecting what you have, not on spending zillions trying to poach the next guy’s customers. They are a rapidly dwindling resource.

Pentax haven’t given any indication that they plan to go mirrorless, and in fact have said mirrorless holds little appeal for them - so I am not expecting them to. In the longer term I’d guess that for Pentax, mirrorless (which is really a proxy here for ‘new technology’) is more likely to mean developments in their Ricoh lines and maybe a collaboration with another company in a similar field when/if their DSLR market has become too small to sustain.

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