Is 1:1 a better crop option than aps on FF?

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Re: Is 1:1 a better crop option than aps on FF?

AlephNull wrote:

Tristimulus wrote:

What a 1:1 ratio means is that the image projected by the lens is exactly as large as the real object in front of the camera. That is independent of image sensor size. At 1:1 a fly will not be format filling (unless using a very tiny image sensor), and a car will be way too large to get in the frame regardless of any ordinary image sensor size.

Image a fly at 1:1 and it will fill only part of a full frame image.

Use an APS-C camera and the fly will fill a larger part of the image (simply because the image sensor is smaller). When objects fill a larger part of the frame they seem to be magnified - but the plate scale is unaltered. It is still 1:1.

Go for a smaller image sensor and the fly will even cover a larger part of the image sensor. But the plate scale does not change, it will still be 1:1.

But - use a camera with smaller pixels and the resolution of this 1:1 image will improve. The size of the object will remain the same, but there will now be more pixels per square area of the image projected by the lens.

Different interpretations of the ratio 1:1.

The OP means the ratio between the horizontal and vertical sizes. In other words, a square image.

You mean the ratio between actual subject size and the size on the sensor. In other words, what is usually called macro.

Cute misunderstanding!

Yes - but I have never seen aspect ratios beeing called crop ratios before.

Have been into photography for a lifetime, read fast and look for the terminology before posting answers.

Well - now the term aspect ratio cropping has entered the world of photography. Got it!

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