Is my thinking about equivalence right?

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Re: This month’s very own equivalence thread

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Ok, it can be very informative and we can let it run, but how many times have we discussed this very point?

Some fully understand, others come from a more limited understanding of what it specifically means to them. Others simply don’t care and it it is the image that is caught that counts and not the technicalities of physics.

Myself I like to compare the equivalent field of view (only) and refer it to the common denominator of what a FF fov “looks like” in my mind. Luckily the 4/3 sensor allows this with a simple 2x multiplier that even my mental mathematics can cope with. I found it so much more of an issue when using a Pentax Q with its tiny odd-sized sensor.

Some could argue that the DoF also plays a role in what an image looks like. Luckily, to get the same DoF you can use the same 2x multiplier to get the equivalent f-number which will give the same DoF (and diffraction and noise)

and yes, most people will probably find it easier to multiply or divide by 2 rather than 5.6.

As far as I am concerned a “fast” M4/3 lens is a “fast lens” and I care nothing about what it might be equivalent to in FF sensor terms. If it makes images that I like I need not know what the equivalence might be in order that I can be assured that my personal appreciation is “correct”.

supposedly a fast lens offers a fast shutter speed. Perhaps consider what sets the limit of which shutter speed you wish to use.

In any case I am sure that we appreciate these regular updates as they always seem to be popular.

But I would not be so relaxed if the thread became personal or in any other respect ragged around the edges. Nor need we have a continuator thread to follow up the seemingly endless argument.

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Tom Caldwell

there really is no argument as equivalence is a set of very basic  facts. Of course that will not stop some from calling these facts “crap” for reasons which I think will continue to be mysterious (and keep these threads going)

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