The non-existent Z9 thrashes A1 (Northrup at it again)

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Re: The non-existent Z9 thrashes A1 (Northrup at it again)

AlephNull wrote:

aSevenArr wrote:

Beatsy wrote:

I really do wonder how Sony will follow the A1 though.

Hopefully with a more affordable version.

Very much doubt it. The A1 is a new range, and I’d expect the next A1 model to follow the same price point.

Or like the A9II - even a higher price point. Seems like the A1 has sold very well despite the rather high price.

If you want more affordable, choose a different range.

Why want something you can not afford?

To me the A1 looks nice on paper but I am simply not willingto pay the price. So here I am, stubborn and happily stuck with 24MP image sensors.

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