Simulating Fuji film simulation through Sony's picture profiles

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Re: Simulating Fuji film simulation through Sony's picture profiles

dkirk7000 wrote:

I too am looking for a way to get the Fuji look straight out of camera. I have so far found some pretty good formulas for tri X and canon color look. The great advantage here is picture profiles are the only way to shoot a jpeg and retain raw image as well. If you don’t like the profile image-alter raw later.
here is example of canon color.

canon skin tones (original article Chinese)

Black level: -15

Gamma: ITU709

Black Gamma: Narrow +4

Knee: Manual, Point:75%, Slop:0

Colour Mode: ITU709Matrix

Saturation: +3

Colour Phase: -4

Colour Dept: R-3, G-7, B-4, C-6, M-7, Y-5

Detail: Level +7

And here is link to tri x article

if I come across a Fuji formula I will be sure to share.

Great find, thanks. Going to try this formula on my today`s shoot with my canon, hope colors will look nicely to my view.

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