Is my thinking about equivalence right?

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Re: Is my thinking about equivalence right?

Olymore wrote:

Based on that argument the image captured by my 20mp phone needs enlarging the same as my m43 20mp image if I am viewing the results at the same size, which is not correct.

That is exactly what that means. 20Mpix is 20Mpix regardless of the size of the photosites, and a single pixel will always represent one pixel.

The size of the image captured will determine how much enlargement is required to view the image at a given output size.

The resolution of a digital image determines its representation size at a given ouput device's resolution. A digital image has no physical visual size until it is rendered either in print or display, it is just a bunch of data describing the attributes (color and brightness) of every pixels. An output device may use one or more "dots" to represent a single pixel, and the number of dots per physical unit of distance (mm, inch, whatever) the device is capable of rendering will determine how large the resulting physical rendering of the image data will be. It has nothing to do with how large the sensor was and that is my point. A tiny pixel or a large pixel is still only one pixel and can only have one color and brightness value. If a sensor as 20Mpix, then 20Mpix will be rendered and whether a pixel is the size of a few microns or the size of a baseball matters not in the determination of how big the rendered image will be, it is still 20Mpix.

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