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All cameras/sensors/lenses are compromises.

It won't be possible to get a lens (Equivalent-Focal-Length) as long as you currently enjoy with a larger sensor (for better IQ @ higher ISO's).

You can get a "faster" (f/2.8) with a FZ-300, but only w/ 600mm-EFL.

The next larger sensor is 1"-type that is 4X the area, and does indeed have much better IQ.

The best value in such a camera is the FZ1000-II but only w/ 400mm-EFL, but many more features than you currently enjoy.  New they are $800 but a used original FZ1000 is available for under $500 and I strongly recommend it.

The RX10-IV has been mentioned and it also many more features and advantages over your current camera, inc. a 600mm-EFL.  Note that the (4X) larger sensor does allow you to crop to the equivalent of your 1200mm-EFL.

The RX10-IV also has a "PD"-AF and a unique sensor that can "C"-AF @ 25fps.  It indeed is $1700 but can be great for wildlife.

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