Speculation around Olympus' upcoming "wow" camera.

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Re: “Wow” = Touchscreen Menu operation

Messier Object wrote:

Adrian Harris wrote:

prsc wrote:

Adrian Harris wrote:

prsc wrote:

Adrian Harris wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

if they couldn't give us a Touchscreen Menu in their 2020 flagship model then what hope is there for anything really ‘wow’


Do photographers use touchscreens?

Yes, why wouldn't they when it suits the situation? Pinch magnification, moving AF point (although this is a tricky one to implement well), moving a zoomed-in image around and selecting AF point when shooting from the back screen are a few examples where touch screen is very usable.

Interesting points, however having found these techniques all but unusable when I am looking through the EVF, - which i possibly wrongly assumed most photographers do, - they are if little value.

Handy technique if hastily reviewing images taken though. But again I don't think most mirrorless photographers NEED to chimp the rear screen frequently?

But operating menus with touch is something I don't really see the need for. I feel like it is way faster to operate them with the physical controls, because the elements are quite small and making them bigger just hurts since then you can fit a lot less information on the screen.

Many do and why wouldn't they? When there is an option to quickly check that everything was captured the way you intended why wouldn't one do that, no one is perfect and no one will ever be.

Also, many, probably most, also use the rear screen for taking photos. Again, when there is that option why wouldn't you use it when it is available and useful. The image is going to be exactly the same no matter what screen you're looking at.

I hope you're not hinting that "true" photographer can only use viewfinder, or that they wouldn't need to check what was capturethat

Not at all, it's just that checking all you mentioned by using the EVF is far better. I don't know the exact figure, but using the EVF is probably visually equivalent to having an ultra bright 10" rear LCD.

If people want to check images or focus, I find it's far better to use something that will enable it to be done accurately.

And most importantly, having a rear LCD touchscreen provides an opportunity to accidentally change camera settings, which in turn causes missed photo opportunities.

Just flip the screen closed when taking photos .

I keep my screens closed most of the time, but when I’m sitting at a desk wanting to make changes I find it more comfortable to have the camera on the desk than to hold it up to my eye, especially if I have a lens attached.

Regardless, in my opinion, having a touchscreen that doesn’t work in the Menu is pretty darn stupid. It works with the SCP, it works with AF point selection, it works when reviewing images, why not in the Menu ?


Ha ha I just had to laugh.... Because unbelievably I never thought about turning screen around to stop errors. ... Which I can now do on my last 2 cameras!

In my defence an earlier camera didn't allow flipping the screen around, and when the touchscreen active it caused me to miss so many shots. That disabling touchscreen has  sincebeen hardwired in to my head;-)

Mind you, I still don't think it would offer me anything.

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