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Re: Walking again

Pi lover wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

Thank you, Grant.

I shall wear my mask until all my grandchildren are vaccinated. And, yet then, I shall wear it for you.


Thank you for that David.

A man walks into a restaurant with a duck under his arm. The greeter says "Who's the pig with you?". The man replies "That's a duck, not a pig." The greeter responded "I was talking to the duck."

Have a good night.

I did have a good night, Grant.  And, this morning I went to one of my first cousins' funeral.  Colon cancer claimed her within two weeks.  Well, she had adult kids and they gave her grandkids.  Scientists will cure cancer, but, they are not gonna help those who don't have afflictions, except the final one.  You know your math, myFriend.  We will be in deep, dark matter, once we keep adding to that bank account.  We will run out of space/time.  There will be no such thing as "got a moment?" No excuse for not washing dishes before the partner returns from WhoallyMare.

I admit, you're joke challenge found no match in me.  But, you have helped me get over what has been a trying day.  I rarely find a reason to keep my trap shut, but, today I did.  I am gonna take my cousin's secrets to my grave; poor grievants.

Sandra was myFather's, second youngest sibling's/brother's daughter, of five issues.  My dad was fifth in his family of twelve.  He would have been 108, this past March.  (He married my mom barely over voting age, and they made eight of us.). Frankly, I have many, many first cousins, and innumerable kissing cousins, not that I'd like to exercise my lips, eeeuuuwww, they'd say.  But, the point in this is that, my younger cousins really don't know me, and, many of my older, I mean much older, (late seventies to early eighties,) can't stand the sight of me.  I did miss at least five of them today.  Several others might have been at the rosary last night.

If you are acquainted with a decedent's "rosary," you aren't missing anything.  It drones on and on and on, and I don't go cuz I sits through it and I think.  And, sometimes when I thinks, I falls asleep. (Gotcha, LOL) So, I don't go to rosaries anymore, and I've not gone to many funerals where way before Covid I would have gone to at least two or three per year.

So, I went to this one.  Her son was in one of my classes.  Many of his cousins and step-cousins also were my students.  They were there.  Up at the lectern, one gives a rousing eulogy; ok, ok, maybe C+, but, I told myBabe; "At least he got brave, and stood up there."

So, on the "Please accept my condolences queue," I tell him; "Nice speechie, M."  "Why didn't you write like that in my classroom.?  So, he takes off his mask, and I see he has a full beard and mustache, and I go "Oops,"  thinking he's about to kiss me and he starts laughing, his mom starts laughing, his brother starts laughing.  I know; they know, they are not even related to me, and yet they are laughing, and so to are the adjacent pews, still full of people, and I walks out one the oldest, if not the oldest church in New Mexico, ca. 1711.

MyBabe and I are on the return road from Santa Fe, back to Santa Cruz, on the way home, and she says; "M. didn't write that eulogy."  Huh?  I asked; "Where's the evidence?"  She's a reading specialist.  Tells me that he couldn't pronounce the set of words that labeled Sandra's food item that became his favorite.  And, sprinkled throughout the twenty minutes, word sets that (excuse me if I sound sexist) could only have been assembled by a woman.  Now I know why my step-first cousin was laughing her fool head off.

That made my day as my wife apologized for having twisted my arm to go to Santa Fe, a destination for thousands of tourist.

So, do you think I went on a date today, Grant?  Not on your life; I still have to do dishes.

I have a great duck song.  I'll post when you return.

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