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They're about the same price. Is the a7rii a better buy overall? Photography and some video.

if you are considering the A7Rii in the full frame line, you are likely on a budget, That suggests that you will not be purchasing the best Sony has to offer in full frame lenses. Since the objective of full frame is higher quality, particularly in lower light, the lenses will make a big difference. I own both a full frame Sony (A7Riii) and an APSC Sony (6500). For most shots you get a fine rendition from the Sony APSC cameras. For overall versatility I would definitely recommend the A6600 over the A7Rii, even though you get a bit better exposure latitude and less noise in the shadows with the full frame. If you feel you absolutely must have a full frame Sony R on a budget, you should probably look into purchasing an A7Riii or A7Riv used with a low shutter count.

A7III also combines the A6500's versatility & AF with FF IQ and ergos for not much more than the A7R2

IMO it's a much better buy for someone looking for a general purpose body

If you are on a budget or concerned with the cost of lenses and/or the size of zoom lenses, the 6600 is a better bet. For most shots you won’t be able to tell the difference between a photo raken with an A6600 and an A7iii. If size and expense are not major issues, then I agree 100%.

Are APSC lenses cheaper? If you are looking for fast and wide APSC lenses, the APSC lenses get pricey. IE that 16-55mm F2.8 has a $1400 MSRP. You can get the Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 for cheaper, and with 42MP you can crop in for extra range.

Once you equalize them for focal length/aperture, the FF lenses, IMO are a better bargain.

I'd really like to get the 20 f1.8 to any camera I get. I realize that good glass is important.

Do you need a quicker camera to shoot street? Is the a7rii too slow?

I will clear up how fast the af is on the a7r2. for single shot af its as fast as any to date camera including the a9 series of cameras. for caf and tracking its great for video but a little inconsistent for stills this is where my a6300 wins. for video quality the a6300/600 4 k is great but the a7r2 in low light will have them for breakfast. i shoot both the a6300 and a7r2 and the both have there advantages over each other , its a tough choice but the a7r2 is my main camera.


I can't agree with you and I have owned an A7R2 and liked it a lot. He's not looking at an A6300, he's looking at an A6600 which has way faster AF. There is no way that an A7R2 has af in the same league as an A9. Further, the A9 and A6600 will af on a pre selected face or eye whereas the A7R2 will go for a high contrast edge which may or may not be what you want.

I'm not saying the A7R2 can't be used for streetwork, I used it that way and got lots of good shots. I get more with the A7R3 and I know it isn't as good in this regard as the A6600. So if streetwork is a main need, go for the A6600. With the A7R2 I was more inclined to see possibilities and set up for them in advance rather than being able to see and fire.

And for all of them, Topaz is the answer if you want to shoot in very low light.

sorry i made a mistake the a7r2 is faster than the a9 go to imaging resource


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