If 99% of our work goes directly online, why do we still need 35+ Megapixel Cameras?

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Re: If 99% of our work goes directly online, why do we still need 35+ Megapixel Cameras?

MoCee wrote:

Thanks for your input. Need to process all this info. I also posted on another forum the same question. Received good info there as well. So much to consider before I drop $10K+ into a new system when my current 5DM4 has been faithful for more than a few years.

If you're satisfied with your current 5Dm4 system, and aren't getting any negative feedback from clients, and they are just using your output online, then even the two advantages I previously cited probably wouldn't be seen in real-world use. So that argues against any upgrade. If it ain't broke, why are you even looking to fix it?

But for relatively-static studio subjects, if you really wanted more resolution for some reason (i.e. more cropping flexibility), maybe consider adding a Canon 5DSR. Currently bargain-priced at $1500 at B&H, rather than the $10K you were talking for a new system. Discontinued, I think, and currently out of stock, but they are apparently still taking orders, so they presumably expect more to arrive. It doesn't have dual-pixel AF, and has a reputation for lower dynamic range than most modern FF bodies, but in the studio where you can control lighting ratios, I'd expect the lower dynamic range wouldn't be a problem. Or, if you ever need moire control or more-accurate pixel-level color for still-life/product photography, a possible solution would be to add a mirrorless body with pixel-shift capability. Unfortunately nothing with P-S from Canon currently, but a 42MP Sony A7Riii body has pixel-shift and with an adapter for your Canon DSLR lenses would cost a lot less than $10K.

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