Is my thinking about equivalence right?

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Re: This month’s very own equivalence thread

Muster Mark wrote:

I completely understand and in retrospect should have

  1. kept the original post much smaller in scope and just talked about the result of my calculations regarding how vingetting affects total light falling on the sensor (which it is my understanding is what equiv. is all about).
  2. posted this in the science and tech forum not here as it's not really about photography in anyway, just a critique of a math formula I often see used.

Not an issue Ian. I have no problem with starting this discussion, nor with those that choose to respond to it.  I was just summarising the feelings on the equivalence issue and noting that sometimes it can get quite heated.

Equivalence threads at one stage threatened to choke the forum but there is nothing wrong with a refresher course every now and then.  It is obvious that many need to agree to disagree on the subject.

I don’t profess to understand equivalence fully myself nor is it my just to adjudicate.  I only relate to equivalence in a limited way which I explained  - that is all that I need and as long as I like the images that I capture then that is sufficient.

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