Mamiya Sekor sx 135mm 2.8 assembly

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Aoi Usagi Senior Member • Posts: 2,812
Re: Mamiya Sekor sx 135mm 2.8 assembly

scrup wrote:

I see a few posts about modifying the pin. What is the issue with the pins?

I have a few m42 lenses and never had to do any surgery on the pins to get them to work properly adapted.

Just curious what people are doing to these lenses.

I suspect the OP has a adapter without the ledge to depress the stop down pin.  Without the ledge in the adapter, and the fact that SX lenses don't have Auto/Manual switches, modifiying is the only option.  Mamiya Sekor SX lenses have another pin on the the back side of the aperture ring for open aperture metering that also needs to be removed, as well as a lip on the outer circumference of the aperture ring that may cause it to bind on certain adapters.  Many people grind down the aperture ring and remove the pin.

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