How to put a deadcat on a smartphone mic?

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Re: How to put a deadcat on a smartphone mic?

vv50 wrote:

how about experimenting with a 3.5 mm headphone and mic combiner

When I started toying with my new smartphone after I was impressed with some of the qualities I didn't expect from an entry-level model (no rolling-shutter and no distortion at all) I was a perfect dummy. To have a better sound and cope with wind noise I bought a mic. It didn't work although the vendor said it was working on cams as well as on smartphones. I inquired on forums and researched on the net. Of course it can't work: you need a splitter. I bought one (or headphone and mic combiner) and it didn't work. Some people told me it could be because the app I was using was not compatible. I tried with all the apps available without success. On my way I gathered some knowledge about the TRS and TRRS connexions, the CTIA vs OMTP standards, etc., so I am much less of a dummy than I used to be. I suspected the standards of the different devices were not compatible. I continued inquiring.

Bottom line:

  • My smartphone's socket standard is TRRS/CTIA.
  • My mic's jack standard is TRS/CTIA so there is no way it can work if plugged directly.
  • My splitter is TRRS/CTIA -> TRS/CTIA so it should work… but it doesn't. The built-in mic is not even cut off.
  • An earplug/mic combo works just fine. The built-in mic is cut off.

Hence the smartphone recognizes what's connected and allows the connection only if it's an earplug/mic combo. It's obviously not a hardware issue, it's a firmware of software issue. If it's not deliberately on purpose it's at least a side effect of the way the thing is designed.

None of these info are documented anywhere.

Conclusion: either I buy a new smartphone after I make sure it'll work or I make do with the one I have.


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