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cpharm86 wrote:

gardenersassistant wrote:

cpharm86 wrote:

gardenersassistant wrote:

You might want to practice a bit more before giving up on the Raynox.

I’ll work with it more. Just curious what other setup you have? The cost keeps on going!

My current setup is a bit unusual. It is big and heavy, and still under development .(Adjusting our rigs can be a process on and off for years for some of us. Especially with flash diffuser setups it doesn't have to be expensive). In a week or so my rig will be getting a bit more complicated, and heavier, at least for an experimental period.

Note though that you can get excellent results from much smaller, lighter and simpler setups. For over a decade my most used close-up lens setups used tiny sensor bridge cameras.

Very impressive rig! I can tell you I’ll be lucky to use just what I have.

I looked at your website (Flickr) and impressed with those shots!


Thank you again for your help.

It's a pleasure.

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