Any regrets With iOptron Sky Guider + iPolar?

Started Sep 11, 2020 | Discussions thread
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Re: Any regrets With iOptron Sky Guider + iPolar?

GreatWhiteWing wrote:

Thanks for your reply on an old thread but I have decided to put this type of photography on the back burner for now. Cost in money and time is more than I feel I can do at this time. If I do this I want to do it well.

I also didn't understand a lot of what you said.

Thanks again

You're welcome. I think it would be easier to understand what I wrote above if you already had the SkyGuider Pro and an iPolar in your hands
I am with you about the cost in money and time, the sky is the limit (financially especially) if you want pretty images. I don't think I will invest a few thousand bucks in the near future as well but those small trackers like the SGP or StarAdventurer are quite a good start into the astrophotography hobby.

Maybe another time!

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