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Re: Wait, what->here are the claims

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What are you talking about? Which part of their marketing unreasonably raised our expectations regarding the K-3iii's AF?

I remember quite well people complaining - prior to the launch - how Pentax isn't talking at all about the AF. Then, we had the ambassador videos, but even those wouldn't say much about that.

Even on the product's page, in the Features section, autofocus/tracking is on the 3rd tab!


in the Pentax promotion video thyself use "outstanding" and "best" a lot. I as a non native speaker understand "outstanding" not as "just matching" the competiotion but being far superior.

The screenshot is from the Ricoh Imaging from the begnning.

Introducing PENTAX K-3 Mark III (turn the CC on) - YouTube

So what raises my expectations when I read "Highest continuous speed in APS-C class".

They are talking about the 12 fps not the AF.


Why anyone needs 12fps, if AF lock on fast moving targets is no reliable? We are not even talking about tracking, please note.

Even marketing people who claim to be concerned about the experience rather than the specs, are seriously concerned about the specs and bragging rights. It is no coincidence that this camera claims 12/11 fps vs the D500 10.2 fps or that the viewfinder mag is 1.05x compared to the D500 1.0x. There were undoubtedly very specific dictates, expectations of the engineering team.

However, I suspect the actual continuous AF tracking will prove to be far more capable than some are reporting here. Realistically though, the 12 fps on a single focus mode (non continuous) must have limited utility, high speed still life?

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