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Hi guys,

I'm planning to buy my first camera and after handling some cameras ( Sony a6400, Fuji X-T30, Canon m6 mark ii, Canon 200d, Nikon Z50 & D5600) I felt that the Nikon Z50 was the most comfortable in my hands. But after checking some specs I found it has a resolution a disadvantage compared to its competitors. And it has an awaful selection of lenses.

Yes, at first glance it would appear that the lens selection is awful but you could do a lot worse than the 16-50/50-250 kit lenses and not much better from anyone.

Its still awful at second, third, and fourth glance. Basically, at every glance. Nikon has almost zero interest for APS-C.

So why did they produce the Z50? And now the Zfc?

They made the Z50 as an entry to the Z system. They made very slow, very few lenses. If you want something better, you need to buy FF.

I have no idea why they made the Zfc. It has the wrong sensor, and the wrong lens. The original had 36x24mm and a 2.8/28mm lens. The 2.8/28 for the Zfc should be a 2/18, because thats the APS-C equivalent of a FF 2.8/28.

For someone getting their first camera, they only need one lens, covering the usual standard range. That's plenty for going out to take good pictures. The two lens kit is even better; it covers a very useful range and they're very good lenses.

They are good lenses, but very slow.

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