Any experience with ON1 NoNoise?

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Re: Any experience with ON1 NoNoise?

David Hull wrote:

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David Hull wrote:

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Yes you have to view this at 100% to really see it. I'm not having that issue. Thinking out the box I had similar issues with Topaz on my 8 year old computer. Not on the outsides but the same type of result. Not enough processing power. After getting a new one a few years ago the problem went away.

Someone at Topaz (I think) suggested to resize the file and then try it in Topaz and see what happens. When I resized to about 50% the problem went away.

By the way I just got a bug fix update notice from ON1 today.

I looked at that but I am running it on an i9 with 32GB of RAM -- should be enough, I would think. This is in excess of their recommendations. Vid Card is a GFORCE 2080.

Whats the VRam? That is what was causing issues for me with Topaz. Here are NoNoise specs. Recommended is on the right.

EVGA GEFORCE 2080 Super -- Supports OpenGL 4.6 8GB onboard GDDR6 Ram. Again looks to be better than their recommended.

Then I don't have an answer. Sorry about that. As suggested contact On1 or don't buy it.

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