Time Machine Volume Ejection Issue With Samsung T3 and 2020 MBA/Big Sur

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Re: Time Machine Volume Ejection Issue With Samsung T3 and 2020 MBA/Big Sur

lightandaprayer wrote:

A couple of days ago I was setting up Time Machine using a repurposed external Samsung T3 SSD which served as my 2012 Mac Mini boot drive for several years and more recently as a bootable clone for my 2018 Mini running Mojave.

I decided to try encrypting the backup using the Time Machine setting and after a restart I began having problems unmounting the SSD after a backup was completed. I got a message that another app was using the backup volume even when there was aparently no logical reason for the error message.

Apparently there is a background system process that always occurs during unmounting that may be involved and some people have reported various fixes, including waiting longer before unmounting. Sometimes nothing seems to work. . . All of those cases were regarding a Samsung T7 SSD.

At any rate, I decided to perform an unencrypted Time Machine backup. The volume has unmounted after multiple restarts/reboots. I prefer an encrypted backup for portable SSDs that may be traveling and I hope that a good fix is coming. But the T3 isn't going anywhere in the foreseeable future. . .

For a short time I thought that the problem might be the volume-ejector utility Semulov (I assumed that it is a Russian name until I learned that it is volumes spelled backwards D'Oh!). It places a convenient ejection icon in the Finder Menu Bar. The last update was in 2018 so I thought that it may have a Big Sur-related bug. But Semulov is working fine now.

I found Semulov because I was looking for an easier way for my non-tech friends to eject a Time Machine volume after manual backups. Since they will be using a SanDisk SSD, I am hoping that Semulov will work for them. If not, does anyone have advice for a quick and easy way to eject mounted volumes? (I realize that ejecting via a Finder window sidebar may be easy enough. . .)

Is there any chance the encryption process wasn’t complete? My experience has been that it can take two or three days.

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