How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

contadorfan wrote:

IMO, most people don't respond to a photographic image unless it's a snapshot of smiling relatives or friends.

Probably right. Moreover, they respond to snapshots of their OWN relatives and friends. Sadly, they don't care about yours or mine.

Other subjects aren't that interesting. Photographs don't move people as readily as music does. Photography ranks with dance as an appealing art -- some like & get it, most don't.

I believe there are reasons for this.
- many photographers simply try to make a beautiful picture. This leads to great conformity both with the selection of the subject (sunsets on the sea, flowers, beautiful women, ...) and the image processing (saturated colors, B&W buildings...), which in turns leads to conformism and too many copies of the same stuff and the potential viewers get saturated and bored.
- others try to convey a specific message, impression... which is more difficult and therefore miss the target; or, the audience who is accustomed to the dominating tastes, will find that inappropriate. I believe your comparison to music is true in this respect: when a new genre appears, it gets frowned upon by people because they are accustomed to something different. One can also think about the first reactions about Impressionism, cubism, dadaïsm,...

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