Any regrets With iOptron Sky Guider + iPolar?

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Re: Any regrets With iOptron Sky Guider + iPolar?

In case someone is still looking to use the SkyGuider Pro with a "detachable" iPolar:

I had the same concerns as @AmritNZ that by using the iPolar solution, I would have to bring my laptop with me every time.

The solution was - similar to @Aaron@Utah's Polemaster solution - to use another version of the iPolar which was actually made for a CEM25 compatible mount. The idea is to attach the iPolar in front of the stock polarscope with the included clamp/screw and unscrew it again when you decide to use the SGP without the iPolar.

I created a short Google document as this needed a little modification. It includes some linked Youtube videos as well, hopefully this will be useful to someone.

iOptron SkyGuider Pro + iOptron iPolar (CEM25)

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